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More Info about Your Project Report

Keep the following in mind: Three copies of your project report / project summary are due one week prior to the fair. This is to allow each judge enough time to read your paper before the science fair. (This has an added benefit of helping you not to leave everything till the last minute!) After receiving your papers, the GPHSF Directors must mail one to each judge by Monday morning to ensure delivery by Friday. Please note the following guidelines:

Please try to be on time. Call or email if your paper will be late. Otherwise we may assume you’ve dropped out. Late papers also may receive lower scores from the judges.
Please do not use an unusual font size. A very large font makes your report longer than it need be, which translates into higher postage, while a very small font is hard to read. Generally, 11- or 12-point fonts are best.
Please do not include photocopies of your log book or all of your raw data. A good research paper summarizes findings rather than just regurgitating data.
Please do not use heavy binders or loose-leaf notebooks. It is difficult to mail these! A single staple in the upper left-hand corner is sufficient binding.
Please number your pages!
Please do not include items that are not made of paper. No CDs, DVDs, flash drives, etc.


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Questions? Contact the GPHSF Director. Last modified: 23 January 2014