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Registering for the GPHSF

Registering for the GPHSF

A registration fee of $10 (non-refundable) is due with the registration form before you begin your experiment, but no later than January 9, 2019. An Adobe Acrobat (PDF) version of the registration form is available for printing. Note: This is a 2-page document. Keep page 1 for your records and submit page 2. Get Adobe Acrobat

New registration procedure: Students will register by county of residence. Please send your registration form and fee to the address listed on page 1 of the registration form.


Early elementary students (K-first) may choose to enter the GPHSF without being judged.
Some experiments will need additional paperwork and approval before starting the experiment and must be registered before December 31, 2017.
Some experiments are prohibited for students in grades K-5
Groups of 2 or 3 may work together on one project, but each student must register separately.

The Student Handbook (2006 edition) is available online in PDF format. Choose either the small booklet (8 pages / 150 KB) or the large pages (15 pages / 337 KB).

You should receive confirmation of your registration by email within about 2 weeks. (Early registrations sometime take longer.) If you have questions about your registration, please email GPHSF @ (remove spaces).
Note: If your email program has a spam filter be sure to whitelist this address so that you will receive email.

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Questions? Contact the GPHSF Director. Last modified: 13 November 2018