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Program Cover Design Contest

We are looking for a new cover for the GPHSF Program, and we want you to design it!

The GPHSF Program contains a listing of all projects, sponsors, and judges, as well as the schedule of events for the day. All registered students are invited to submit a drawing announcing the GPHSF and depicting the fun and discovery of science fair. The GPHSF committee will select the best drawing to be used as the cover for the program.

Eligibility: Any registered GPHSF participant is eligible to enter. One entry per individual.

Deadline: Entries (hard copies or JPEGs) must be received by noon on February 4, 2014.


  • Size: 5" wide x 8" tall
  • White paper only
  • Drawing must be done in black pen or marker
  • Drawing must be hand-drawn -- not computer generated (exceptions noted below)
  • Drawing must be student's original work -- no copyrighted characters or designs
  • Drawing must incorporate the atom-in-flask logo. If desired, you can paste this logo instead of hand-drawing it.
  • Drawing must include the words "Greater Philadelphia Homeschool Science Fair" and the date (February 8, 2014). If desired, these words may be computer generated instead of drawn. The "official" GPHSF font is Maiandra bold.

Entries will be judged on quality of design as well as creativity in incorporating one or more of these themes:

  • Science is fun
  • Science is everywhere
  • Science fair involves discovery
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