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Oral Presentation*

Every student must give a short oral presentation to the judges. (Students in grades K to 2 may simply answer judges' questions if they prefer.) The talk should be a few minutes long (five minutes maximum). When you give your presentation, include the following information:

  1. What is the title of your experiment?
  2. What is the question you wanted to answer? (Purpose)
  3. Before you did the experiment, what did you think would happen? (Hypothesis)
  4. Which books or articles have you read?
  5. What materials and equipment did you use?
  6. What did you do to answer your question? (Procedure) Be sure to tell the judges what you changed (manipulated variable), and what changed as a result (responding variable). Also mention those things you kept the same throughout the experiment (controls).
  7. What happened? (Results)
  8. What is the answer to your question? (Conclusion)

Interview: Be prepared to answer questions from the judges, such as:

  1. Please describe your project. (Give your oral presentation.)
  2. Did you get the results you expected?
  3. What caused the results that you found?
  4. Would you expect me to get the same results if I followed your procedure and conducted this experiment at my house?
  5. Why did you design the experiment this way?
  6. Did anything change besides the manipulated variable?
  7. What might happen if you changed ________________?
  8. If you could do this project over, what would you do differently?
  9. Did you do the project yourself? If not, what did your helper do?
  10. Could you do other things with this project next year?

Appearance: Good manners, neat clothing, and enthusiasm for what you are doing will help to impress the judges. Some other suggestions:
Make eye contact with judges.
Stand up straight and to the side of your exhibit.
Don't distract the judges by fidgeting or looking around.
Speak with enthusiasm, clarity, and assuredness.
Relax, smile, and have fun!

*Adapted from Not Just Another Science Fair by Laura Vazquez, et al.

For high schoolers in the PHAA diploma program: Your oral presentation can count toward your public speaking requirement if you so desire. Please indicate on your registration form (check the box) if you would like to do this. The morning of the fair, you will have a scheduled time to give your presentation to a small group of interested people, separate from your scheduled time to present to the judges. (We have been assured by the Richmans that this will fulfill the requirement, whereas giving your report to only one or two judges would not!) Click here for information on the PHAA program. High School Oral Presentation


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